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Frank Rashid Rashid Realty Services specializes in professional leasing and management of single family homes, condominiums and townhouses in San Diego's North County. We are committed to providing you with AAA quality service. Residential Property Management in San Diego is different from other places, so having specific market knowledge is important. With over TWO DECADES of hands-on experience, we have that knowledge.


We offer TENANT PLACEMENT SERVICES as well as FULL SERVICE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES in our service area. Our fee for tenant placement is one half of one month's rent with $200 up front. Our full service property management service fee is 8% of gross rent collected with $200 up front. Please call us to receive specific rental property values for your property. Chances are we already have a similar condo, townhome, or single detached residence leased and can give you a very specific rent estimate as well as an estimate on how fast we can get your property rented.


Frank Rashid Rashid Realty gets the job done! Whether its is a 2br condo or a 6 br estate, we can help you get it rented and generating cash flow. We pride ourselves in having minimal vacancies! We have been named Top 10 Best by San Diego Business Journal consecutive years in a row. We look forward to helping you.


We handle all aspects of rental property management. We have systems in place that allow for a smooth communication between you and us. We can make direct account transfers every month to ensure that you get the rent disbursement in a timely manner. Feel free to ask us about any aspect of property management that you want us to customize to your situation and we can. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and customer service. How else could we have earned so many five star distinctions?



“I have known Frank Rashid for over 10 years. He is knowledgeable in real estate sales and rental property management. His team made every step of the buying and renting-it-out experience as smooth as possible. He has given timely and sound advice for any decision required to keep our property in top condition and our tenants happy. I highly recommend Rashid and his team for anyone searching for an end to end real estate professional service.”
- Turgut Erkul
“We have known and done business with Frank and his team since 2010. Frank and his team managed our property in San Diego since then and always found great and qualified tenants through out the lease term. During all these years, they coordinated all the repairs required and kept us informed through out the process. When we decided to sell our property we spoke to Frank and he came up with a strategy that worked with our plans. He and his team put in a lot of effort in making the process as smooth as possible with us being away. They put in a lot of hard work on our behalf to maintain and sell the property. We recommend Team Rashid for buying/selling and property management.”
- Mark Hanson
“I've been working with Rashid and his staff for over 10 years now and they are the most professional property managers I could ask for. They find great quality tenants each and every time and every time they are able to do this in under 2 weeks! They have contact with a good group of handymen and gardeners that do professional work for very reasonable rates. Couldn't give a higher rating. Thanks again Frank!”
- Chris Whaling
“Frank and his team have managed our property for the past 12+ years. Frank is knowledgeable, diligent, efficient and provides professional service with a personal touch.”
- Sheshankh Reddy
“I am very happy that I had your services for the past 4+ years. It has been very prompt and you have been taking care of all the fixes, arranging different contractors for any repair work, taxes and of-course finding tenants who takes care of the property. I am happy that I chose you and I have no headaches to manage it since we moved to India. I would happily recommend your services to my friends. If anyone wants to talk to me, feel free to give them my emailId or ask them to talk to me. Since I was out of the area during the entire process, he was my eyes and ears. The whole transaction was handled smoothly and professionally. They know what they were doing and kept me posted along the way. I highly recommend him to anybody looking for a trustworthy and knowledgeable realtor.”
- Ramesh Rajasekaran
“Frank is managing my property in San Marcos. I got referred to him by a friend. After talking with him we decided to hire him. He and his team took over, advertised and showed the property. In the end they were able to find a qualified tenant at current market rent. They kept us informed throughout the process. I have been very happy with the level of service and professionalism. I very highly recommend him to all.”
- Naga Malepati
“Frank was such a pleasure to work with! I had applied for a rental that would have been perfect for me and my family. I was from Northern California looking to transition back to San Diego. Unfortunately, the job offer did not come to fruition. Frank worked with me with holding the property longer while I was waiting for the job offer. It was extremely disappointing to let him know I would not be moving after all. Frank was a true professional and went above and beyond with being so kind & patient as he did not have to wait since he had other qualified applicants for the rental. People of this caliper are certainly rare to encounter. I highly recommend Frank and his team!”
- JoAnn Sterner
“Rashid Realty have managed my property in San Diego for almost 10 years. They have always addressed any issues with the house in a timely fashion and the house was always occupied with responsible renters without any significant gap between renters which was an important thing for me. Eventually I decided to sell and the whole process went very smoothly with the right pricing despite the pandemic going on. I recommend him both as a property manager and as a real estate agent if you would like to buy or sell.”
- Alpaslan Savas
“I have known Frank and his team for over a decade now. They have successfully managed my home in San Diego. They are very hard working, responsive and knowledgeable. They have found a great tenant that pays rent on time. They have contacts with contractors that are able to turn things around fast while keeping costs low. He surely knows how to keep the landlord as well as the tenant happy. I am very happy with their services and would gladly recommend them. If you want a realtor for life, you must talk to Frank before making your choice.”
- Denny and Audrey Kwong
“Team Rashid managed our property for several years, shouldering all the daily details I had no time or aptitude for. This allowed me to focus on other things with the confidence that any problems that might arise would be handled quickly, competently, and to the satisfaction of all parties. All of their staff are personable, helpful, and competent. I always felt like they were looking out for our best interests. They took on all the hassle of property management, and then when the time came to sell, they prepared everything, placed it on the market, and on Monday after listing we had two above-price offers! ”
- Amy Heiss
“Asked Frank to manage my property in San Diego, based on a reco from my CPA. It was a good thing I switched to working with Frank from my previous management. Whereas the previous management company (SDRPM) broke my bank account over a period of ~ 2 years and cost me tens of thousands of dollars literally with what were excessive and needless maintenance requests and such - working with Frank has been painless, stress free and very economical. He found me a tenant in less than 2 weeks. I haven't had to speak to him more than a few times, despite the fact that I'm a new customer of his: everything has been handled efficiently and quietly. This has been a very good decision for me, stress wise and economics wise: I'd definitely recommend Frank highly to anybody looking to have their property professionally managed.”
- Sanjay Mani
“Trustworthy, Honest, and Easy to Work with. Based on a friend's recommendation, we reached out to Rashid Realty to assist us in renting our home in San Diego. Before meeting with Rashid Realty we had talked to ~10 different property management companies but didn't feel comfortable. But to our delight after talking to Frank, we were at ease and immediately hired Rashid Realty. Rashid Realty guided us very well on the renting process, gave us the correct rental estimate and the team worked diligently to get our home rented at the best price to excellent tenants. We are very happy with their services and would very strongly recommend them. ”
- Vineet and Sarika Mittal
“We recommend Frank Rashid. He is honest, professional, trustworthy and dependable person who is willing to help his clients in whatever way. We have been impressed in dealing with him. Thank you, Frank”
- Cristina Lazaroiu
"Rashid Realty has been managing a property I own in San Diego for the last 6 year. They placed 3 excellent tenants who took care of my property like their own and most importantly paid rent on time. It is safe to say that my property has been vacant only 15 days with in the last 6 years. Their services has always been very professional; rent payments are posted on time, statements arrive on time, and questions are always promptly answered. If you are looking for a great real estate agent to sell, buy, or rent your property, I would recommend contacting Frank Rashid (Rashid Realty Owner) today. He works efficiently, professionally, and is hard-working, which really shows. Looking forward to working with him in the future."
- Amir Yousefian
“I have used his services for every real estate transaction that I have done in San Diego because he is knowledgeable, is responsive and gets results. I have known Rashid for over seven years since he was recommended to me by a friend. He is always willing to provide reports that I need and is responsive to every request that I have by phone or email. I like working with him because he is easy to work with and is always pleasant and professional. I will continue to use his services whenever I need a real estate agent or for rental property management services."
- Desi Rosado
“Dearest Frank, Thank you for all your expertise, high ethical, moral and professional standards. I really do feel I could not have found a more honest, sincere, courteous and patient person as you. I value & appreciate you.”
- Meg Wendel
“I've been through eight real estate transactions in the last 13 years, and find your precision, attention to detail and professionalism second-to-none. You certainly earned your commission and our respect...

I am more than happy to act as a reference for your other clients."
- Mark and Ina Lewis
“After seven years of outstanding service, you have demonstrated that you are excellent in helping me in managing my property. You have won my trust. I have no worry about my property though I am overseas due to your good service. In particular, your prompt communication, responses and always thinking on behalf of my side make me very comfortable. I will definitely recommend you at every opportunity.”
- Jack Xiaozhong Li
“Rashid has been managing our property in Scripps Ranch for about 8 years now. We were referred to him by friends at Qualcomm and Ericsson (Bhupesh Umatt, Edward Remias, Vishwanathan Kalyanakrishnan) when we wanted to rent our house and use a Property Manager for the same as I was relocating to India. I am very happy with Rashid and his team with managing our property. Rashid and his team are very prompt, be it our queries, repairs, payments to gardner etc.. His teams' responses to my queries are within hours of my request. It's also very convenient that he sends' a monthly rental details statement and also the tax related forms very promptly. Overall I have been very satisfied with Rashid and his staff and would recommend him for your property management needs.”
- Kiran Chikkappa
“Frank is extremely professional, sincere, and detail oriented. He and his staff provide excellent service and it was a pleasure doing business with him. I highly recommend him for all your real estate needs.”
- Ram Seshan
“Frank is a great realtor. First, he helped me purchase my condominium in San Diego in 2004. Then, since 2007, he has managed the condominium as a property manager. He and his team has successfully rented out the condominium almost 100% of the time. Frank is a person of high integrity. He has ly proven himself to be a trustworthy and reliable person. I had a situation with the HOA. Even though this issue was between me and the HOA, Frank spend a lot of his time helping me fight my cause against the HOA. This resulted in a resolution in my favor. Frank is very personable. With Frank, I have always felt that he is a friend rather than a business associate. It is always very comfortable to talk to him, whether it is about real estate or any other topic.”
- Shaukat Anjarwala
“For all your realty needs, Rashid is the name to trust -- DEPENDABLE, HONEST and very PROFESSIONAL. Let him do the job and you'll have yourself a new FRIEND.”
- Paul and Celia Gelle
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Collecting Rents | Account Statements | Management Fees | Advertising | Screening Tenants | The Lease | Security Deposits | Pet Policies | Tenant Retention | Maintenance | Property Inspections   

Rents are due on the 1st day of each and every month. Because social security and state check are not received by tenants until the 3rd, we allow a grace period until the 3rd.  Collecting Rents in a timely manner is one of our most important function of managing your property.  Most of our renters pay their rent to us online or via automatic bill pay.

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Our desire is to create a clear audit trail of all funds pertaining to each property. All funds are held in a Trust account per state regulation.

An operating statement will be sent by the 10th of each and every month on each property.  Our statements are easy to read and understand this really simplifies tax reporting at the end of the year.  Of course, we retain and are happy to provide you copies of all invoices that we pay on your behalf that show up on your financial statements.

Our service includes paying expenses you have on the property such as maintenance and repairs bills when applicable.  Due to changing rates and the need to refinance, change policies etc we encourage landlords to make their own mortgage payments, home owners association payments, and insurance.

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Our monthly management fee is payable when the rent payment is received. It is automatically deducted from your account at the time the rent payment is posted. However, since one of our jobs is to keep your property occupied we will not deduct the monthly management fee if your property is vacant. We do not charge a monthly minimum

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Target marketing is our goal for your vacant property in all potential appropriate tenant markets. Each tenant has their own way of locating a home to rent rather by driving around, using a real estate agent, scanning the paper or local publications, no matter what it is, as long as it is cost effective for you, we will be there. 

Our affiliation with San Diego's Multiple Listing Service helps you reach over 10,000 licensed real estate agents who might have well-qualified tenants.  We also do extensive internet advertising and maintain free subscriptions to available avenues of online advertising to reduce your cost of advertising and obtaining a new tenant. 

Rashid Realty also works with corporate relo companies to assist us in filling vacancies.

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We want good tenants as much as you do, it make our job that much more pleasant. It is our goal to obtain the highest qualified tenants.  A conscientious review of applicants current credit report will assure owner of timely rental payments.

Rashid Realty is directly linked to Experian credit bureau's database, we can access credit within one minute, twenty-four hours a day.  Tenants will be presented to you once Rashid Realty has qualified them for your approval.

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Rashid Realty has its own six page lease computerized for personalization, which is a compilation of local and state leases with additional clauses for the protection of the owner. 

To begin the lease we will meet the approved tenant on the property for a complete walk through inspection and photographs of the entire property at move to document condition. We typically also go over the lease with tenant. The extra time we spend with the tenants explaining the terms of the lease has great pay offs. It substantially reduces misunderstandings during the term of the contract. It also gives us a chance to answer questions and concerns and to begin the landlord tenant relationship.

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As additional protection for you we require security deposits in the form of certified funds before a property can be taken off the market.

We offer all deposits as refundable, encouraging tenants to leave the property in good condition rather taking additional time making repairs and cleaning preparing the property to re-rent.  Cleaning, including appliances, floors, walls, yard and carpets professionally cleaned are required minimum to prevent deductions from deposits. A complete security deposit disposition report is completed and forwarded to tenant within twenty one days of move out.

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When we present the tenants to you for your approval, we will also tell you about the pet(s). Each pet will require an additional deposit. If damage exceeding the pet deposit occurs, we will hold funds from security and cleaning deposits.

You are in no way required to accept pets, this is completely your decision and we abide by your wishes. 

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Good tenants are the key element to any successful rental property investment. Keeping good tenants happy ensure the longevity of the tenant's occupancy.  Our systems are designed to ensure timely tenant services.

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Timely and competent maintenance is the key to protecting your investment. Our goal is to provide you with this important service at a reasonable price using only qualified personal. 

All repair and maintenance services are performed by independent, outside vendors and contractors, not by company employees. Each has been selected because of their ability to provide the best possible service at the best price.

You reserve the right to schedule and control any or all repair and maintenance responsibilities if you desire. Routine repair and maintenance will be performed as needed and will be based on urgency and importance. For any major job, we usually obtain written estimates from three different companies, notify you, and obtain your approval before we proceed.

We ensure the quality of the work performed by making spot checks and follow up inspections. You are further protected because each job is fully documented in writing and supported with receipts.

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At the time of move in and move out there is a complete written inspection of the property with the tenant.  We perform frequent drive-by exterior inspections term of the rental agreement and also make regular preventive maintenance inspections of the interior of the property.

It states in our tenants lease agreement that we have the right to make routine announced inspections. Tenants are always notified in writing of pending property inspections. Unless in case of urgent need, inspections are typically conducted with the tenant present, using the property condition report that was executed by the tenant upon move-in. We compare for discrepancies, missing items, and any damage. At the same time we also check for preventive maintenance items.

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To get the ball rolling, please contact me at:


The first step is a quick phone call or text so that I can get a sense of what you have in mind or answer any question you might have; this will help get the ball rolling. By the way, I am mostly in the office in the mornings but don't pick up calls from unrecognized #s as I get a lot of marketing calls , so just leave me a voice mail and I will call you right back.